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Refurbishment of natural draft cooling towers

Large natural draft cooling towers have been dominating the European landscape for almost 50 years. These “cloud factories” standing at up to 200 m ensure the cooling of industrial processes by means of a thermodynamic circuit.

The natural draft cooling towers are open at the bottom. As the water rains down via special distribution fittings, nozzles and wet deck surfaces, at a rate of up to 100,000 cubic metres per hour, it releases its waste heat into the air. The rising hot air generates a natural upward draw. During this evaporation process, 1.5 to 2.5% of the cooling water is lost through evaporation.

Nonetheless, natural draft cooling towers are among the most efficient and environmentally friendly cooling processes. The cooling requirement of a power plant can consume up to 4 Gigawatts.

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of cell and natural draft cooling towers

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of asbestos façades and asbestos installations

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to the concrete, steel or wood structure and refurbishment of the concrete basin

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Improvement of the cooling capacity

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Replacement and renovation of the water distribution systems

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Repair or replacement of mechanical equipment