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Maintenance & Inspection

A cooling system is an investment that will safeguard your production or your investment. It must undergo regular inspection and maintenance, as preventative maintenance ensures the fault-free operations of your entire company.

Value retention

In order that your investment holds its value, we make sure that you plant is always up to date, with the latest, cutting edge technology. We check the performance and optimise the cooling systems. In addition to operational safety, environmental issues are likewise very close to our hearts.

So that you don’t get caught off-guard by a heat wave

In principle, a cooling tower is a very simple structure that functions very effectively. However, it is incredibly important that you always keep the plant in a functional condition. This is not merely about maintaining the maximum power, but is also about safety and ensuring the avoidance of total failures.

A simple check of the general condition of the main components of the cooling tower allows you to preserve its functionality in the long term.