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Our cell cooling towers

Cell cooling towers are used for the cooling of large quantities of water. They consist mainly of concrete, wooden or GRP structures They either have one or multiple cells depending on the hydraulic and thermal capacity.
The technology used in cooling tower components has been in continual development for decades. Nowadays the cells have greater efficiency with smaller dimensions.

Cell cooling towers work “around the clock” and are as such subject to considerable wear. On account of this, refurbishment work is required on a more regular basis, frequently combined with a simultaneous power increase at the customer’s request. RCS takes care of both.

6 good

aufzählung häckchen The structural design is not altered

aufzählung häckchen The pipe connections and electrical switchboards stay where they are

aufzählung häckchen Refurbishment in sections

aufzählung häckchen Limited availability of the plant possible

aufzählung häckchen No plant downtime

aufzählung häckchen Cost transparency