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PMM cooling tower with open circuit

PMM Series
Potential power from 1000 to 7300 kW

Cooling towers are manufactured primarily from completely corrosion-free materials. The body is made from fibre-glass modular sandwich panels, which are joined together and braced by means of a steel structure that is hot-dip galvanised after assembly. The screws used are made from AISI 304 stainless steel.

All models can be transported, that is, they can be broken down into pre-assembled parts and are then extremely simple and quick to assemble on the construction site.

In order to enable simple access to the tower packing, to the mist eliminator or the water distribution system, each section is equipped with detachable wall elements as standard. This in turn simplifies cleaning work.

Axial ventilators with drive shaft and reduction gear unit

Electric motor separated from the humid air flow

Accessible corrugated roof with cage ladder and railings

PVC distribution system with clog-free polypropylene nozzles with large openings

Tower packing with large opening (20 mm profile), suitable for use with industrial water

Fully detachable side wall for simpler maintenance of the inside of the cooling tower

Outer shell

(body, nozzle cap and trough optional) made entirely from glass-fibre-reinforced polyester resin, self-supporting structure with exclusive design and UV-protective Gelcoat coating.

Splash guard screens

made from glass-fibre-reinforced polyester resin (only in the version with the trough).

Inspection window

Round with a polyamide body and a polycarbonate window, which can be easily opened for an inspection of the inside of the cooling tower.

Tower packing

(cooling or heat exchange sheets) are made from self-extinguishing, decay-resistant PVC sheets, thermoformed under vacuum and then glued together. This tower packing is of the optimal form, composition and dimensions for contact with air/water inside the tower and for the corresponding heat exchange.

Mist eliminators

are made from self-extinguishing, decay-resistant PVC sheets, thermoformed under vacuum and then glued together. The form and dimensions of the sheets are designed as such that the transference of water droplets via the ventilator flow is kept to a minimum.

Supporting structure

for the tower packing and mist eliminator (if present) in hot-dip galvanised steel.

Water distribution system

with standardised pipes and PN 10 connections in PVC, consisting of a main collector with one or more threaded connections for the attachment of spray nozzles. The system is designed in such a way that the even and homogeneous distribution of the water to be cooled to the tower packing is guaranteed.