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Things worth knowing about cooling towers and evaporation plants

As is the case in any sector, certain specialist terms exist in the field of recooling technology, stemming for the most part from physics.
Here we provide an overview of the most important terms and definitions.

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Air humidity
The relative air humidity f [%], sometimes also referred to as atmospheric humidity, is the ratio of the partial water vapour pressure actually present in the air to the saturated steam pressure of the water at the current temperature.
Approach a [K] is the difference between the cooling limit temperature (wet-bulb thermometer temperature) and the cold water temperature tw2. Alongside the heat quantities to be discharged, the approach is particularly crucial to the size of a wet cooling tower. It should not be any smaller than recommended in Fig. 1. The following applies: the greater the approach, the smaller the cooling tower.
Atmospheric pressure
Atmospheric pressure p0 [mbar] is the static air pressure of the atmosphere, unaffected by the cooling tower.