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Things worth knowing about cooling towers and evaporation plants

As is the case in any sector, certain specialist terms exist in the field of recooling technology, stemming for the most part from physics.
Here we provide an overview of the most important terms and definitions.

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Make-up water
Make-up water mZ [m3/h] is the water quantity that is fed to the circulation system as a replacement for the water quantity lost as a result of evaporation, droplet expulsion, spray loss, leakage and flow off. mZ = mW0 x n / (n – 1); n = concentration of the permitted salt content (thickening)
Mass exhaust flow rate
Mass exhaust flow rate mwa [m3/h] mZ – mW. As a result of evaporation, the concentration of mineral-based components in the water circulation system increases. In order to prevent the concentration from getting too high, a proportion of the water must be removed from the circulation system. The water flow to be discharged is based on the quality of the make-up water and the permitted concentration in the water circulation system (thickening).
Mass water flow
Mass water flow mW [m3/h] is the water quantity fed to the cooling tower per unit of time.